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The world's first offshore floating nuclear power plant is about to be put into operation

the world's first offshore floating nuclear power plant will be put into operation after the test is completed in October 2017, which has attracted great attention from China and Russia

let's take a look at the specific situation. I hope it will be helpful to you

it was reported earlier that the Russian academician romonosov, the world's first offshore floating nuclear power plant, has entered the sea test phase and will be officially put into use after the test is completed on October 30, 2017. Now it is late October, and the melting viscosity range of keta spire KT (8) 10 is officially 0 65kpa-s is not far away

coincidentally, some domestic companies recently announced that they planned to jointly invest 1billion yuan to set up China Nuclear offshore Nuclear Power Development Co., Ltd. (tentative name) in Shanghai. The announcement mentioned that the company was established to promote the sustainable development of national nuclear energy, promote the application of nuclear power devices in engineering fields such as surface ships and offshore comprehensive utilization platforms, master the core technology of marine nuclear power autonomy, and jointly promote the industrialization of China's marine nuclear power equipment

a key word is mentioned here - offshore floating nuclear power plant. What exactly is offshore floating nuclear power plant? What is the general use of 1 g/10000? Why did China and Russia attach great importance to it? For example: when the demand for electricity, heat supply and desalination of seawater is met, the power station will be pulled over; No need. The power station will be taken away by ship. The floating nuclear power station on the sea is such a mobile platform built on the sea that "comes and goes at any time"

will the United States be absent from such a good technology? In fact, as early as 1963, the U.S. military equipped the designed mh-1a nuclear power plant on ships to solve the power shortage problem in the Panama Canal area. However, the construction plan was abandoned due to the reduction of energy demand caused by the oil crisis in the late 1970s

as for safety, its safety standard is no less than that of nuclear power plants on land. There are multiple measures to prevent nuclear leakage, which can ensure the safety of the reactor in the event of tsunami and other natural disasters. Its service life can reach years. In fact, offshore floating nuclear power plants generally use small nuclear reactors with high safety. Moreover, the floating reactor often keeps a certain distance from the land. Even in the event of an earthquake, the seismic wave will not be transmitted by the sea water, so it is not affected by the earthquake and tsunami

in China, with regard to offshore floating nuclear power plants, public information shows that in 2015, the national development and Reform Commission replied that it agreed that CNNC's acp100s, CGN's acpr50s and CSIC's National Offshore nuclear power platform demonstration project were included in the 13th five year plan for energy science and technology innovation

it is reported that China's first offshore nuclear power platform will be assembled and constructed by bosun heavy industries, a subsidiary of China shipbuilding industry group. In the future, China shipbuilding industry will build nearly 20 offshore nuclear power platforms in batches

in its reply, the national development and Reform Commission agreed with CSIC to set up the demonstration project of offshore nuclear power platform, saying that in accordance with the spirit of the sixth meeting of the central leading group for finance and economics and the needs of China's marine economic development, and in accordance with the requirements of the administrative measures for major demonstration projects of national energy science and technology, the demonstration project of offshore nuclear power platform declared by CSIC is listed as a major national energy science and technology innovation project

horizontal position of the central axis of the mobile sensor

here is a reminder that the 719 Institute of CSIC is the main participating Institute in the demonstration project of offshore nuclear power platform. After reorganization, the 719 Institute is under the banner of China power

China Power: it is a holding subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. Its business covers seven major power businesses including gas power, steam power, chemical power, all electric power, marine nuclear power, diesel power and hot gas power, as well as related auxiliary equipment supporting businesses. Its products are widely used in automotive, marine and offshore engineering, engineering machinery, petrochemical, land power station, civil nuclear power, distributed energy and other fields, It is a power equipment supplier with the most complete product range in China and even in the world

as October 30 approaches, the market attention of China power will be greatly enhanced

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