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The finishing work of decoration is the last link of the decoration work. Once this link is completed, the owner will have a completed home. Therefore, the finishing work of decoration is very important, because there are many details of home decoration that need people to pay attention to. Such as lamps, cabinets, hardware accessories, etc. So, what are these details that need the attention of the owner? Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will introduce to you some small details that should be paid attention to in the various links of decoration

cabinet installation of decoration closeout project

after the ceiling is completed, you can ask the cabinet to be installed on the door. If it goes well, it can be completed in one day. At the same time, there are water tanks (excluding plumbing parts) and gas stoves installed. It is best to coordinate with the property to connect the gas before the installation of cabinets, because the gas stoves need to be tested after installation

installation of wooden doors in the decoration closeout project

the production cycle of wooden doors is generally one month. Therefore, in order to closely connect the construction period, it is necessary to ask the wooden door manufacturer to come to the door as soon as possible to measure the size of the door opening after the demolition and modification of the main body is completed. As for the treatment of the door opening, we need to pay attention to one thing. If the height of the door opening at home is inconsistent, the workers need to treat it as equal height to look good

floor installation of decoration closeout project

the floor can be installed on the second day after the wooden door is installed. If it goes well, it is also a day. The following problems should be paid attention to in floor installation: before floor installation, it is best to ask the manufacturer to come to investigate whether the ground needs to be leveled or partially leveled; And the floor paved at home should be cleaned to ensure that the floor is dry, so do not use water in the cleaning process

installation of switches and sockets in the decoration closeout project

generally, the switches are opened and closed with the opposite hand, and the right hand is more than the left hand. Therefore, most of the switches in the home are installed on the left side of the door, so it is convenient to open with the right hand after entering the door. Conform to behavioral logic

installation of lamps and lanterns for decoration closeout works

the colors of lamps can be white, yellow and blue (purple). Never use other colors, especially red and green. The former is simply a pornographic place, while the latter has become a terrorist zone. After installing the lamp, the house lights up, saying goodbye to the dazzling glare of the 100 watt incandescent bulb during the decoration

hardware and sanitary ware installation of the decoration finishing project

the plumbing fittings, bathroom hangers, toilets, clothes hangers, etc. bought before

are installed together. After the front "big pieces" are installed, the family is still very "cold". After the lamps and hardware are installed, the family will "live"




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