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Through many years of development, the aluminum door and window profession has encountered a problem that most professions will encounter - the market competition is increasingly fierce, and the company is facing a dilemma of survival. Affected by the external environment, many changes have taken place in all shopping malls of aluminum doors and windows. It is necessary for aluminum doors and windows companies to closely follow the trend of shopping malls and adjust their strategic planning in time

listing: numerous beach capital shopping malls

in 2015, many companies focused on capital shopping malls, and beach capital shopping malls pursued broader development space for companies. In the wave of listing, it is also necessary for aluminum door and window companies to closely follow the pace of the times, but there are still many dangers on the way to listing, and aluminum door and window companies still need to be rational to enter

Internet: create competitive advantage with high-quality service

insiders have shown that the myth of e-commerce will gradually fade, and an increasing number of companies will begin to examine their own e-commerce development strategies for the home building materials industry, which takes service as the point of value demand. With the regional rationality of e-commerce spending, more companies began to use the Internet to import offline passenger flow. Maximize the customer collection effect of the Internet. Together, consumers' demand for commodity experience has also forced e-commerce start-ups to start offline layout. In the home building materials profession with highly homogeneous commodities, service is an excellent entry point to distinguish between companies. In 2016, with the increasing demand for offline services on the Internet, an increasing number of companies will pay attention to the introduction of services and use services to drive the sales of goods. This is a complete transformation from the traditional form of commodity driven service to the sales form of service driven goods

planning: fashionable color allocation is popular

the color trend in the fashionable world often affects all the planning circles, whether it is the planning of commodity appearance or the color selection of indoor home decoration. In 2016, peacock blue, the most mysterious of mint, Tan, taffy and blue; Soft and penetrating dove grey is very suitable for fashionable planning in northern Europe; Red orange looks like adding some powder to orange, which can make the planned color matching more lively and vigorous; The deep and vigorous pine and cypress green can create a retro feeling when decorating the interior; Represents a soothing, receiving and nourishing pink crystal color; Camel, a suitable blending background from nature; Burgundy, which has been popular in recent years, is red; And bright yellow, which has no fancy decoration in the planning, but can also bring visual impact, has become the top ten popular colors of this year, which are highly valued by the planning industry. In the future, these colors are likely to lead the color allocation of home planning in 2016

as for aluminum door and window companies, in the case of abnormally fierce market competition, the development of aluminum door and window companies also need to be closely combined with the trend of the times. At present, the diversification of market competition trend also makes the company face greater challenges in the future development, which requires aluminum door and window companies to have strong market insight. Only by analyzing the trend can they avoid detours in the future strategic planning





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