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Pig dung dehydrator -- dry and wet separator today Juhui is easy to operate

pig dung dehydrator has a variety of models, the latest market, on-site use video. Organic fertilizer is a slow effect fertilizer. Applying organic fertilizer can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for plants, but also have long fertilizer efficiency. It can increase and renew soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction, and improve the physical and chemical properties and biological activities of soil. It is the main nutrient source of green food production. The fecal sewage of the farm becomes another source of income for farmers after passing through the fecal dry and wet separator

product introduction:

the fecal dry and wet separator can be used as the fecal treatment equipment of chickens, pigs, cattle, horses and all kinds of intensive animals, and can also be used as the residue liquid separation equipment of high concentration organic sewage such as lees, drug residues, starch residues, sauce residues, kitchen garbage, slaughterhouses, etc; The machine has the advantages of small volume, simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance, fast investment recovery, strong decontamination ability and no blockage. The water content of the separated fecal residue is between 40-60%

working principle of the fecal dry and wet separator: use the submerged pump to lift the original fecal water into the pig fecal dehydrator, squeeze the auger to gradually push the fecal water to the front of the body, and at the same time, continuously increase the pressure of the front edge, forcing the water in the material to squeeze out of the screen under the action of edge pressure and belt filtration, and then flow out of the drain pipe. The work of the separator is continuous. Its materials are constantly lifted into the body, and the pressure at the leading edge is constantly increasing. When it reaches a certain degree, the discharge port is pushed open and extruded to achieve the purpose of extrusion. If too much fecal water is pumped, it will also be discharged into the original septic tank through the overflow pipe, which also plays the role of mixing. The waste water separated by spiral extrusion filtration can be directly discharged to the sedimentation tank, etc. In order to master the discharging speed and water content, the counterweight block under the main machine can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory and appropriate water content

Product Description: the main components of this model are made of carbon steel alloy, with good corrosion resistance. The screen adopts stainless steel wedge-shaped stainless steel bar welded screen, which has good filtration and liquid filtration effect. The auger blade is made of stainless steel, and the stressed part is manganese treated for wear resistance. Its service life is 2-3 times that of other similar domestic products, reducing the number of use and maintenance and auger repair. This machine is easy to operate, with high solid-liquid separation efficiency and strong adaptability to the working environment

product features:

practicality: this series of machine slag liquid separation speed is fast, the separated fecal slag water content is between 40-65%, the slag amount and water content can be adjusted, which can be applied to feeds with different ingredients (such as grass and refined feed), easy to transport, and its solid particles are very suitable for fish feed and organic fertilizer raw materials. Progressiveness: this series of machine has strong decontamination ability, no blockage and convenient cleaning. The removal rate of solid content, chemical oxygen consumption, total oxygen consumption, nitrogen and phosphorus of the treated manure and urine water can be between 15-20%. Durability: the screens and Jiaolong of this series of machines are made of nickel alloy steel and high-strength carbon steel, with corrosion resistance, high strength and long service life. Economy: this series has high degree of automation, low power consumption and low price. Easy to operate, just press the start stop button to operate. Note: generally, during normal use, the screen should be cleaned every oneortwo months. When cleaning, first remove the bolts of the cleaning port. Then open the upper cover and clean the blockage with clean water

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