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Damp proof comes first

damp proof is very important for decoration in spring. If the damp proof is not good, it is easy to have problems such as wood deformation,

floor warping, wall cracks and so on in autumn

in home decoration, the use proportion of wood materials is relatively large, while the thermal expansion and contraction of wood products are greatly affected by the climate. The dry and wet conditions of the climate affect the moisture content of wood materials. The weather conditions in spring are suitable to control the moisture content of wood materials within 13%. If the moisture content of general wood exceeds this ratio, the change of thermal expansion and cold contraction is obvious, which affects the construction quality

the moisture-proof method of wood is to purchase wood from large wholesalers and dealers. Because the wood of big dealers has been dried and can be directly transported to the room to be decorated, reducing the intermediate links and reducing the chance of wood moisture. Put it on the floor for twoorthree days, and then carry out necessary moisture-proof treatment after adapting to the local atmosphere. In this way, the wood will basically not be deformed again

floor paving

in the home decoration link, the floor consumption is large, so we should pay special attention. When purchasing flooring, consumers should first understand the formaldehyde content of the flooring, and also understand whether the laminate flooring has a wear-resistant layer, which is the key. If there is no wear-resistant layer on the floor, it will not take long for it to fade and burr. At present, one of the reasons why some fake and inferior floors are cheap in the market is that there is no wear-resistant layer. You can use sandpaper to wipe a few times, and the poor quality is easy to be found

after buying the floor, store it at room temperature of 16 ℃ to 18 ℃ for two days. The floor decoration shall be carried out after the wall construction is completed. It is better to use the construction personnel provided by the timber dealer. Before installation and construction, the ground should be cleaned first to ensure that the ground is flat, dry and clean

if the ground environment is wet, moisture-proof treatment should be carried out, and a layer of moisture-proof protective paint should be painted on the back of the floor, especially on the back and side of the floor connected with the kitchen and bathroom. During construction, a gap of about 1 cm should be left between the floor and the wall horizontally for the floor expansion caused by climate change

environmental protection home decoration

consumers are paying increasing attention to the environmental protection of home decoration. To avoid indoor pollution caused by decoration, try to choose a simple decoration style, choose environmentally friendly decoration materials, and agree on environmental protection terms in the decoration contract, so as to avoid pollution after decoration and lack of basis for complaints and litigation

the contract should not only indicate the brand name of the latex paint and paint used, but also include whether it will cause air pollution or whether it will produce harmful gases exceeding the standard as an important content, so as to require the decoration company to ensure the use of high-quality and low release decoration materials to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

at the same time, after the house is decorated, you can ask the authoritative department of indoor environmental monitoring to detect whether the formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the air exceed the standard, and take effective measures as soon as possible

it should also be noted that the newly decorated room should not be checked in immediately. Due to the high release of various harmful gases, immediate check-in will cause harm to the body, so it is necessary to ventilate for a period of time to speed up the release and diffusion of harmful gases and reduce the concentration of indoor harmful gases. In addition, don't forget to find a reputable decoration project supervision management before decoration

select ceramic tiles

ceramic tiles are also major items to buy before home decoration. Therefore, when choosing ceramic tiles, we should first see whether the manufacturing process is excellent. Also check whether there is the factory name, address, product name, specification, grade, quantity, trademark, production date and implemented standards on the product packaging box. Consumers who are not good at ceramic tiles should consult more in advance and ask more questions and compare more on site. Don't just think about beauty or price

when buying ceramic tiles, beware of being swapped. Be sure to unpack and inspect the goods one by one, and watch the loading and boarding. Some businesses show you first-class products, which become second-class products when picking up goods. Or mark the first-class goods on the box, but the inside is replaced with second-class goods. Some material suppliers cooperate with some home decoration companies or construction teams, and the construction personnel will help you. Many consumers let construction workers take them to buy materials, and some construction workers will take you to the dealers who have cooperative relations with them, and the decoration workers will be both childcare and a shield

as for the laying of ceramic tiles, according to the provisions of the "quality acceptance standard of Beijing family room decoration project", the specifications of stone and wall and floor tiles should be set before construction to ensure regularity, color selection, reduce color difference, pre arrangement, and reduce the use of non whole tiles. Objects protruding from the wall and floor should be set and cut with whole tiles according to the provisions, and the cutting edge should be neat. The paving of wall and floor tiles shall be full of mortar and firmly pasted, and the hollowing of the corners of a single plate on the wall shall not exceed 5% of the paving quantity. The surface is flat, the joint is straight, the joint slurry is full, there is no obvious dislocation in the vertical and horizontal directions, the color is basically the same, there is no obvious color difference, and it is clean without dirt and slurry marks





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