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On May 23, the second stop of Ashlan 2018 "achieve customers and win-win cooperation" series of training sessions was grandly opened in Sanqingshan, Jiangxi Province

time flies. It has been a month since Ashlan 2018 "achieve customers and win-win together" series training conference Qingdao station, and the participants have gained a lot: the knowledge of wall covering has been deepened, the understanding of soft decoration design has been further improved, and the sales skills of stores have been further improved

on May 23, the second stop of Ashlan 2018 "achieve customers, work together for win-win" series of training sessions was grandly opened in Sanqingshan, Jiangxi Province. Chen Wenjun, general manager of yashilan, Ms. Wang Yujuan, interior designer, and yashilan dealer friends from all over the country attended the meeting

with the great success of the last Qingdao training meeting, yashilan seamless wallcovering hopes to bring you an extraordinary feeling again. Yashilan's goal is to make dealers make money easily and happily. For this purpose, cutting-edge experts such as Shanghai and Guangzhou are specially invited to explain the relevant knowledge of the actual combat of soft clothing to everyone at this meeting

big guy delivered a speech to share good news and professional knowledge

before the conference, general manager chenwenjun of yashilan first delivered a warm welcome speech, and expressed sincere respect for your arrival on behalf of all employees of Shaoxing Litong fabric. In order to make yashilan wallcovering bigger and stronger, some dealers in Jiangxi, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei and other places took time out of their busy schedule to attend soft clothing training in Sanqingshan, It is the biggest support for yashilan's brand integrity. Yashilan is deeply grateful

then, general manager chenwenjun of Ashlan delivered a speech. In the speech, general manager Chen Wenjun also conveyed a good news: Mr. zoushengping, the founder of Ashlan brand, was hired as a professor by Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences in April, and was again hired by Shaoxing University of Arts and sciences as the "instructor of the professional construction Steering Committee" in mid May to guide the professional setting of textile art in the University, This is the high recognition of chairman zoushengping from Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences in the scientific research and practice of textile major

at the meeting, chenwenjun, general manager of yashilan brand, explained the wall fabric products in detail. From the design idea, product style, characteristics, matching principle, skills and other aspects. Deepen the overall understanding of the product

the designer explained the key points of the design exclusively

because some wall cloth dealers have shortcomings in the color matching of soft clothing, the company hired Ms. Wang Yujuan, an interior designer from Shanghai, to take the lead on the stage to explain the basic points of interior design to the participants, and gave preliminary collocation guidance based on the characteristics of wall cloth and the most fashionable trend today. At the same time, the site commented on the design of some exclusive stores, helped them correct unreasonable design failures, and proposed high-quality, high-grade in store design, which is of great help to improve the signing. This initiative won high praise from the participants

new products appeared and won praise

another highlight of this time is the new product launched by the company - Baosheng cloth wallboard! This product breaks through the limitations of wall cloth, high-end, atmospheric, and makes up for the defects of wall cloth. It can be called a perfect classic when used in combination with yasilan! After the meeting, dealers asked for distribution one after another. After research, the company decided to launch the best cooperation scheme to the wall cloth dealers to fulfill the commitment of "sharing technological wealth"

vr real scene, see the future

wall cloth in sales, customers often hope to see the effect of decoration in the future, which brings difficulties to sales, and the rendering will bring high costs. What to do

yashilan brand especially cooperates with top domestic soft decoration design companies to solve this problem with online VR panoramic software. As long as you have a certain knowledge reserve and listen to a few lessons carefully, you will generally master it. As long as you input the wall cloth selected by the customer and import it into the customer's floor plan, you can generate the Network VR real scene effect at a glance. At the training meeting, the technical trainers of this company performed the design process perfectly for the participants from simple to deep, and yashilan will also follow up the training

finally, there was a sharing meeting with the theme of "trust, learning and pursuit". Four dealers from Dongying, Shandong, Hangzhou, Kunshan, Jiangsu and Yushan, Jiangxi shared their successful experience in how to operate yashilan wallcovering, which enhanced the confidence of the participants

finally, amidst a lot of laughter, yashilan 2018 "achieve customers, win-win cooperation" series training second stop: Jiangxi Sanqingshan came to a successful conclusion! Thank you for your concern and attention! Next stop, we'll see you or leave you




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